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House Search Update

So, a couple of weekends ago we went and saw a couple of houses on the weekend.  Both of them are on the same road in our current hometown, and we were almost going to buy land on this same road over the summer and eventually build our dream home (a sprawling ranch).

We’ll refer to them as 71 and 131 😉

So, 71 checks off a lot of the boxes we wanted checked off.. already has a pool, laundry is upstairs, has a walkout basement, great flat yard (and super private backyard), larger kitchen etc etc..  it’s within our budget.  What I don’t like is that its still not a ranch, and its a little outdated looking.  I really like white trim in a home, I think it brightens the place up.  This home has all wood trim.  Sounds silly to be picky about, but houses are not cheap, and that’s not a cheap thing to fix!

131 is ahhhhhhhhhmazing… and a little over budget.  It’s a “ranch plus”.. I’m not sure what the technical term for it is, but there are 3 bedrooms on the main level, and then a bonus room upstairs.  It has gorgeous views off the back deck.  The inside is just stunning.. which we would promptly ruin if we bought this house and moved in.  The down side… the price, it does NOT have a pool yet, and the yard has a small slope to it.

This past weekend we saw 2 more homes, not even really worth mentioning.  This weekend coming up, there’s a home a couple towns away I’ve sort of had my eye on, but not really sure if we want to move that far away from where we currently are, but there’s an open house so we figure what the hell!  Stay tuned…

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