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A Hatchimal is Born

Chelsea just turned 4 a couple of weeks ago and we had some gift cards to use.  We ended up getting her this:

Hatchimals Glittering Garden – Hatching Egg and Interactive Shimmering Draggle by Spin Master

It was hard to get her to wait to open it, we all wanted to witness the hype!  She was too young last year when this was the big craze, but this year she seems to be into all the popular toys..

We finally opened the packaged together as a family (go ahead, insert eye roll) and our little creature started making little flickers of light and little peep noises.. there was a live baby in there! We followed all the instructions… patted, stroked, rubbed, tilted and even yelled at this little egg for some time, and then maybe 20 minutes later, our baby was ready to hatch! It’s pretty neat the way this happens.. its beak pecks little holes all the way around in a circle.  It will even stop during this process where you need to pick the egg back up and pat the bottom again, and it will resume the hatching process.  Finally, will some assistance from Chelsea, our baby was born!  First thing I asked Chelsea was, what should we name it? Her answer? Tuna!! So now we have a hatchimal named Tuna..

Tuna is currently taking a nap wrapped up in a blanket..

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