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Happy Halloween!!

Halloween 2017 has come and gone, and I’m feeling mom guilt in a major way.  For starters, we never carved a pumpkin.  WHO DOES THAT?? We have 2 little kids and couldn’t find the time to carve a pumpkin.  I guess that means next year we’ll be carving 10! Honestly though, it hasn’t felt much like fall until the last couple of days here.  It’s been quite warm this fall season, the foliage has been less than impressive, and the last thing I’ve felt like doing is going apple picking in 80 degree weather.  Even Halloween costumes have lacked enthusiasm.

Chelsea has been saying for months that she wants to be Elena of Avalor, so that’s what she was! She got this Elena dress as a birthday present: Elena Adventure Dress Classic Elena of Avalor Disney Costume, Small/4-6X  I really liked the dress, it was pretty and not itchy at all.  That seems to be a common complaint with the princess dresses.. so glamorous, but OH SO ITCHY!! This one she kept on all night long without a single complaint.  download

Gavin on the other hand, I spent a lot of time thinking about what I wanted him to be.. he loves cars and paw patrol.  I didn’t like any of the paw patrol costumes, I thought they were boring.  And I didn’t think dressing him up as an actual car would go over well either.  But then, we have a friend who got a dragon costume for their child who did not take to it very well, and thought.. Hey! Dragons go with princesses, right? So we ended up buying it off of her with basically the same results.  It’s a really cute costume, so I think we’ll hold onto it for next year.  It actually fit Chelsea.  I just think he was too young for it.  but this is the costume here:


I didn’t pick up this costume until about 4 days before Halloween, so we didn’t realize until last minute that this wasn’t going to work.  I rush ordered 2 costumes on amazon, and we ended up going with Superman Baby Infant Costume – Toddler.  Thankfully Amazon came through and shipped it to us Halloween day.  It worked out perfect.  He still had a mini meltdown, but it didn’t last long, especially once he realized what Halloween was all about! download (1)

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  1. We used to have a lot of parent guilt too. Until my wife started working at a domestic violence counseling center. We’re realizing that we can’t do everything, but we can always make sure that our kids know that they are loved.


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