bariatric surgery, gastric sleeve, VSG

Gastric Sleeve POD1

IMG_3200It’s been almost 24 hours now since I’ve had my surgery.  I arrived to the hospital yesterday around noon, got checked in and started freaking out.  It was really hard saying goodbye to the kids yesterday morning, even though the rational side of me knew everything would be OK.  And it is.  It’s been a rough and groggy 20ish hours that I can recall.  By the time I got to my hospital room last night, it was about 7pm and my husband was here waiting for me.  He was able to come visit in PACU for a brief bit, but they were having issues with a couple of patients so they asked him to leave.  When I got to my room, they told me I could have clear liquids up until midnight, which I was surprised at.  They brought me a tray or jello, beef broth, iced tea and water.  I sipped slooooowly as instructed, finished the iced tea and some of the water and had a few spoonfuls of the beef broth.  BAD MISTAKE.  Shortly after, it all came back up.    I work in the hospital, but you don’t realize how noisy it is until you’re a patient.  It seems like every 10 minutes someone was coming in to annoy me.  Nurse after Resident after Aid.  And just went I got comfortable and fell asleep, they’d call a code over the loudspeaker. I must admit, I’m a pretty awesome nurse anyway, but this experience just kicked that up a notch 😉

I am definitely feeling more pain than I thought I would.  It’s a combo of gas pain, incisional pain and stomach acid.  Toradol and Dilaudid are good meds though.  I’ve been trying not to take the Dilaudid.

From midnight on, I was NPO (meaning nothing by mouth/nothing to drink) because of the leak test I had to have done.  I didn’t get that done until almost 1pm, so it was a long morning of having a dry mouth.  For the leak test, they took me down to Xray, and I had to drink.. ahem.. “sip” this contrast solution which was awful.  I mean AWFUL.  I got down just enough so they could see that everything looked OK.  They do the test under flouroscopy so you get to see it live.  Basically just making sure the border of your new stomach isn’t leaking.  Mine looked great! Back up to my room I went, and here I am drinking my clear liquid diet which I am finally tolerating well, no more nausea! And awaiting discharge..  I’m excited to see the kiddos! I didn’t get to see them last night because of getting to my room so late.  I did get to Facetime my daughter last night, she was very upset I wasn’t home. So within the next couple of hours, I’ll get to join back with them and I’m sure in 2 hours and 5 minutes I’ll be wishing I was back at the hospital!! =)

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