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Gastric Sleeve Surgery POD 2 & 3

POD = Post Operative Day =)

Just a quick recap..  I had Gastric Sleeve Surgery done on Monday afternoon Nov 13,2017, came home on Tuesday evening.  And today is Thursday.

Yesterday (Wednesday Nov 15) was my first day on the full bariatric liquid diet.  It wasn’t too bad!! It’s definitely a learning process.  I’m figuring out how much of a sip is too much.  It definitely gives a little twinge of pain if you drink too much in one gulp.  I was however, able to get my 3 protein shakes in. One at Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner time.  And I sip over about an hour.  I’ve decided that the Atkins Ready to Drink Shake, Milk Chocolate Delight is my favorite.  I’ve tried a couple of other brands, but this is my favorite flavor post op.  I’ve just picked up a couple other flavors today as well to try out.

I’ve also been drinking a decent amount of fluid.  My goal for each day right now (provided by my surgeon/nutritionist) is 64 ounces of fluid total, which includes your protein shakes, broth, diet jello, sugar free ice pops.. basically anything that goes in your mouth at this point.  My other saver is this water bottle: Camelbak Products Chute Water Bottle, Sage, 1-Liter  So one full one of these Camelbak bottles is already half my daily requirement.  I like that it doesn’t have a straw (reusable straws just gross me out because I feel like they just can’t get clean enough)  and it has the measurements on the side.  They are actually on sale right now in a few colors on amazon for $8.37! Great Deal!  I fill that up in the morning, add a little crystal light flavor to it.. very dilute, but I know I’ll get more in if there is some flavor to it, and sip all day long!   IMG_3212

So yesterday all together, I got my 3 protein shakes in (33 oz total) 1 full water bottle (32 oz) and even had some broth and a sugar free ice pop as well! I’m feeling very accomplished for my first full day on the full liquid diet.

My other great accomplishment, which I don’t know if I should be on the scale or not yet, is I’m down 7 lbs from my hospital admission weight! Of course there’s probably a little scale discrepancy from the hospital scale to my scale at home, but numbers are definitely moving in the right direction! Most people even said not to freak out the morning after surgery because you’ll have gained weight from the IV fluids, but this was not the case for me.  I was down 1/2 lb that morning.

Today (Thursday) I am still in a little discomfort, but definitely went out and over did it this morning.  I went out with my husband and daughter to drop my son at daycare, then to Kohl’s, I had a coupon I wanted to use! And then we went to Petco for my daughter to have a little entertainment, and then to the grocery store to pick up more protein shakes, plus what my husband and kids needed since they’re not on the same diet as I am.  I was already feeling it by the time we started at the grocery store, which made being at the grocery store very hard.  I was cranky from being out too long and here is all this food that my brain still wants to eat.  I haven’t actually felt hungry since surgery, maybe a little acidy at times? It’s hard to differentiate.  But I tried to get through the store as quickly as possible.  As soon as we got home, I had some broth, protein shake and dilaudid and took a well deserved nap.  I feel like a new woman since I’ve woken up!


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