Happy Birthday to ME, and a gastric sleeve update!

Yesterday I turned 37. It was perfect and a little depressing at the same time.  I had celebrated with my family and a few friends the previous Saturday night as a “last supper” knowing I would be having the surgery and would be on a liquid diet for my birthday, but I guess it didn’t really prepare me for not being able to “celebrate” my birthday.  For the previous 36 years, my birthday has been surrounded by nice meals, cake, cupcakes, ice cream, dinners at a restaurant, fancy drinks… every treat imaginable.  It just seemed strange not being able to celebrate that way this year.  My husband was home with the kids, so there certainly wasn’t a lack of love.. We just kind of hung around the house most of the Day, and had to run to Costco because we were almost out of dog food, so there I was looking at all these yummy samples and grabbing them for the kids.  Ironically, they DID have a sample of chicken broth.. so I grabbed that! But I must say, I really did miss cake on my birthday this year.  My cravings are definitely not gone, that’s for sure.

Otherwise, I’m down just under 15 pounds! I’m happy about that, that’s for sure! I’m pretty much pain free at this point too, unless the kids are jumping on me 😉 the incisions are just a little itchy.  I’ve been getting a ton of stuff done around the house that I don’t normally get to do, I feel good about that! Next hurdle.. Thanksgiving!

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