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Top 5 Weight Loss Surgery Must Haves

Tomorrow, Jan 8, makes me 8 week post op from my Gastric Sleeve Procedure.  I’m down about 33 pounds now and feeling great.  I am tolerating everything very well (a little TOO well, it was definitely a challenge getting through the holidays!)  I’ve decided to come up with this list of “Must Haves” for anyone else who may have recently just had the procedure or is looking to have it soon!

  1.  Quality, Great Tasting Protein Shakes – I am pretty sure I’ve tried zillions of brands by now, I’ve settled on 2 shakes that I flip back and forth between now.  Atkins Ready to Drink Shakes – Milk Chocolate Delight (12 pack)  is the first one.  I love the Milk Chocolate Flavor.  These shakes have 15g protein per 11 ounce shake, and only  1g sugar!   My second favorite shake is the Premier Protein ready to drink shakes, Chocolate (4 pack).  These are a whopping 30g of protein per 11 ounce shake and also only 1g sugar.   Protein is your new staple once you have this surgery.  Most of you will be on a liquid diet after surgery for a couple of weeks.  I was having 3 protein shakes a day and was aiming to have 65-75g protein a day.  Even now that I’m almost a couple months out from surgery, I’m still having a protein shake for breakfast… it’s just easiest when I’m getting myself and 2 little ones ready so early in the morning so I can get to work.  Whatever shake you end up getting, an important factor is LOW SUGAR!



2. My second Must Have, believe it or not, is a Rachael Ray Oven Lovin’ Non-Stick 12-Cup Muffin Pan or any standard size muffin pan.  Food prep is a HUGE component of your new life once you have this surgery, and a muffin pan makes it that much easier.  Why? IT’S THE PERFECT PORTION SIZE FOR YOUR NEW SMALL STOMACH! I’ve used my muffin pan countless times already to make a ricotta bake and mini meatloaf (I’ve posted recipes for both of these!) 71dy-whGc7L._SL1500_

3.  My third Must Have is the NutriBullet 12-Piece High-Speed Blender/Mixer System!  After the 2 week liquid diet, you will move onto purees.  This blender was a life saver! I was able to blend scrambled eggs, chili and soups! (I even blended some soups during that first 2 week liquid portion!) You literally don’t even have to press a a button! I would puree a couple servings of chili or soup, weigh out one serving into a dish and just keep the rest in the bullet container and pop it in the fridge for the next meal



4.  My fourth Must Have is a kitchen food scale like this Ozeri Pronto Digital Multifunction Kitchen and Food Scale.  A scale like this is CRUCIAL to long term success.  I know even from dieting before the surgery, you must weigh EVERYTHING.  After a while of getting lazy, you start to just “eyeball” things, and before you know it, you’re over eating! I have been doing a lot of food prep these days, so I have been weighing out 4-5 oz portions and putting them in tiny containers like these Freshware 40-Pack 8 oz Plastic Food Storage Containers with Airtight Lids  and then popping what I can in the freezer! Certainly helps with hectic mornings!


5.  My fifth Must Have for WLS are…eggs! These little guys will help you get through most stages of advancing your diet.. I pureed them, then mashed them to pieces and now I just eat egg salad or scrambled eggs! 1 large egg contains 70 calories, ZERO carbs or sugar and 6 grams of protein! Oh, and they’re delicious!



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